Are you all siblings? 

 Yes, we are all siblings and, specifically, quadruplets. We were all born on the same day and are so blessed to have the ability to sing. We have truly grown closer to one another by performing and making memories with audiences across the world.

How did you come to sing 1940s music?

  We have come to sing 1940s music because of our parents. Throughout our childhood, they would play a Sirius XM Radio Station called “40’s on 4” (now ‘40s Junction), and this ultimately introduced us to the tight harmonies, big band style, and jazz of the 1940s. To this day, we still listen to ‘40s Junction and love entertaining audiences with this timeless music.

What led you to sing and perform barbershop music?

  We were introduced to barbershop music through a local chorus, The Midwest Vocal Express. Since barbershop music is very similar to the tight harmonies of the ‘40s, we were naturally interested and drawn to this genre of music.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

  We have been inspired by many different types of artists. A cappella groups - such as Voctave and Voces8 - deepened our love and appreciation for advanced musical abilities and performance. Barbershop quartets - including Ringmasters and Windsor - encouraged us to appreciate the locked chords and ringing of barbershop harmony. Artists from the 1940s - like The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby - inspired our love for tight harmonies and the sound of big band music.

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